Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Re-Entry Is Going To Be Difficult

While everyone is going back to work today, I took an extra day.  Smart move, but that just means that it will be all that more difficult tomorrow.  There is already a whole lot of emails I am keeping tabs on at work, maybe I shouldn't have even started looking at them!  

New Year's Day I woke up with a sore throat and a head ache.  The head ache is gone but the throat and pressure around the ears remain.  Pressure around the ears - now that strikes me as funny!  HaHa!  Best to keep a sense of humor and that is what I am going to do this 2013.  Keep a sense of humor in all things, I think that may make for a pretty good year.

It is time to get back on the wagon on Weight Watchers.  I have been playing around with Wheat Free this past few weeks, and where that seems to helping other issues, I have not been losing any weight with it.  It is now time to incorporate the two and get back to it.  By Spring, I would love to have a significant loss or I am going to stop paying Weight Watchers the monthly fee!

I have spent a significant amount of time the last few days trying to decide which direction to go for a baby afghan for a shower the last of this month.  The original plan has changed because I am too lazy to do the two color knitting (and frankly not that great at it) that I had originally intended on doing.

This is my many attempts to get the right pattern, but they all seem to not be quite right and using only the pink yarn.

As always, I have went to Ravelry for some thoughts and some of the patterns I have, I am just having some problems deciding on a one color afghan or use all of the three that I originally bought.

Oy, this decision needs to be made today!

I am also involved in two KALs on Ravelry that started January 1st.  The top one is from the Knitaway Group and is my reprise of my Cusco Jacket that I bought Just Beautiful Alpaca from Cheryl two years ago at Camp.  This yarn is so deliciously cuddly feeling that is going to be a whole lot of fun to wear.

 The other KAL is on the Briar Rose Fiber Fans Group.  We are knitting Eadon.  Most of the sweaters are going to be out of Chris' Abundance yarn as is mine.

 I did what I almost never do in getting ready for this KAL.  I knit my swatch (which I always do), but I also swatched with the rib and a set of cables on one size of needles and then I swatched just the rib on the next size needles and then, wait for it, I washed and blocked the swatch!!!

I am oh so glad I did.  It really opened up the ribs and flattened them out.  I was able to get a much truer picture of what was going to happen and which direction on sizing to go on it, even if I did cheat a bit and use some leftover Abundance from another project.

I have one last project that is at the moment that I am concentrating on.  This is going to be my idiot knitting when I just want to pick something up and knit on.  It may be my take to work knitting too, as I intend on starting to take my whole lunch hour starting next week.

This one is another Cheryl Oberle pattern.  The Best Loved Shawl pattern.  It was her gift to us at Christmas, and as luck had it, I had some of her yarn in the yarn room that I could use for it.  I do hope I have enough for the shawl, but if not, I am sure Cheryl has some I can get from her to finish it.

For now, I just need to come up with a system as to which to work on first.  The KALs don't have a timeline, but I would love to keep up somewhat with them, and the baby afghan has a surefire date that it needs to be done by.

But for now, I think I'll just enjoy my last day before re-entry to the real world.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone!!

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Kristen said...

I love your expression, "re-entry". So perfect for the new year! Good luck with your scratchy throat, hope it doesn't amount to much.