Saturday, April 15, 2006

It wa so beautiful out this morning. The birds were tweeting and the sun was shining. The weather channel says it is not going to last today, but the start of this day was gorgeous.

We have been having some really warm weather this week. The trees are really starting to get the little leaves on them, a sure sign that Spring is here. And I am getting anxious to get all my flip flop stuff out. And you know what that means?

It means my favorite colors can come out of the closet! You know I watch alot of QVC fashion shows, and one thing that has stuck in my mind for many years. Once, Jane Treacy talked about if you were going on vacation and had a basic wardrobe of a few colors, you could mix and match them with your jewelry and shoes. Well, remembering that piece of information, gives me carte blanche to use some of my pieces that way too.

My friends know how much I love Caribe Blue and Lime. It seems that is the basis for my spring/summer wardrobe. It seems everytime, I shop I keep straying towards these colors. I tell myself, I need other colors, but yet I keep coming back and buying more of the same thing. I just know the people at work are wondering if there is anything else in my closet.

There was suppose to be a pic inserted here, but nothing is uploading past 4 bars today, so I'll save it for a theme pic maybe tomorrow.

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