Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday Tidbits

One sleeve done and it fits the armhole of the sweater. I tore back the other one to before the cap.

I took my new Booga Bag to work today to dry it next to my heater at my desk. That thing puts out a lot of heat and will finish drying a bag in no time.

I got my Barnes and Noble order today. Mason Dixon Knitting and the new Yarn Harlot book. The Mason Dixon book is kind of fun to "read" and has some neat little things it.

I have already started a list of things to take to Knit Camp in July. I am that sure that we are going to get in! The apps have not even been sent in yet!

Once the SMW sweater is done, I have a thought of how I am going to spend my knitting time between now and Knit Camp.

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