Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Change Of Plans

Okay, so I've had it in my mind all along that we would be going to Knit Camp the first part of July. I was so sure that my plan was to immerse myself in knitting EZ and Meg's yarn/patterns between now and then. Thereby, using stash and really getting inside the whole thing.

So, now, maybe that is not going to happen this year? So, what will I do. Well, if that is the case, then I can pull out those Spring/Summer Yarns I have waiting in the wings, and work on them.

Then, there is the two babies that will be born between now and July. And my neice who is having her first child in October (we're having the shower at the end of July)This is a baby I will knit for late Fall and next Spring.

The problem, just how long do I wait before I toss the whole pre-Knit Camp knitting?

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