Saturday, April 22, 2006

I Am Soooo Excited

Last year, I finished this top from Lion Brand Cotton. I love the top but, it is sleeveless and the arms are just a little too flabby to wearing it out in public. I have toyed with something to wear over it. Should I buy a white thingy from QVC or shall I knit something? Each would mean $ and I'm trying to save for various trips this year and I really did not want to do that!

Last year I bought this Vittadini Yarn "Marissa" from Threadbear Fiberarts for a top. I never got it done and got to thinkin maybe it was just not me. Last night I had a dream that I was at Threadbear Fiberarts for a knit camp (do you think I have it on my brain) and Rob asked me how my Marissa was coming? Interesting,hmmmmm, that a dream would make me think of this yarn.

AND - last week, I bought this cutaway pattern from Bonne Marie over at Chic Knits. It calls for double knitting yarn and I thought it would be way cool over the tank from last year. BUT-again, I want to use some of my stash. For over a week, I have pondered what I could do it out. I have no white yarn stash that is cotton that would be enough for the cutaway. I was giving serious thought to ordering something!

This morning, it hit me, I have that purple Marissa. It's cotton, it's close to the right purple, would I have enough? Guess what! More than enough, it is almost exact, I can make the gauge fit and I'm using stash!

The power of a dream. I am amazed and I am off to do a swatch.

I have good feelings about Knit Camp! Let's see if I can make the dream come true. OR- am I destined to go to Threadbear Fiberarts this Summer.....

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