Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not Bad, But What Do You Think?

The bottom part is my tank that I am matching. How does the rib stack up? I don't think they look too bad, considering the difference in yarn brands and probably several needle size differences. I have it on a sheet downstairs but I am to lazy at the moment to go find out.

It appears from this pic that the body is a better match than the rib is. It is a slow go with the yarn being finer and not being knit in the round, but I am happy with the progress. Last night I wound all the balls so I will be ready to knit without having to stop and wind yarn.

I'm adding about 2 inches to the length on the cutaway, because I want it to come to at least where my tank does. I don't particular like the look, for me, of the bottom layer hanging lower than the top layer. I have enough hanging there naturally without calling attention to it!

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