Saturday, June 27, 2009

Knit Networking

Every once in a while I become unfocused and start to go off in tangents. Part of it is because I go into the yarn room and see just how much I have and think I get to get a handle on this.

The other part is I knit at Knit Four Together in Dunlap IL almost every Saturday and then last Thursday night as well. We had at least 20 people there and Christiane had to borrow chairs from Joe's across the street.

The things everyone was working on just makes me want to knit more. Take for example Karol, Tosca and Christiane. They are all working on this tank.
Guess what? I started that same tank at least a year ago. It's not done, but just seeing them working on theirs makes me want me to hall mine out and work on it. So I did!

Mind you, I can't work on it to completion right now, because I am busily knitting on The Wrapper so I can take it to Knit Camp (among other things).

Then there is a tank that Sue W got me interested in. She is using a strand of Ironstone and a strand of cotton sock yarn. That one has had be lusting after it for several weeks. My other friend Sue happens to have some yellow Ironstone and she said on Thursday how good it would look with a sock yarn I have eyeball on. She is bringing it today for us to check it out.

But, I also have a notion that I need something to go under one of three jackets that I have for work and I might want to pick something out for one of them. Since I like to wear them but each of them uses a white top from my closet. And I start to look like I don't own anything else but white tops. So, I am taking them with me today to pick something else out to make one to go under one of them.

And finally, Karol has been working on a sweater for awhile and I think I need to make it. I think White is what I am looking at. I don't have a white over sweater and I think that might be useful for several other possibilities.

Can you see how this Knit Networking can be tough? On the knitting list and on the pocketbook.

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Nancy said...

gee, the tank looks like perfect july in wisconsin knitting (grin)