Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Why Do I Wait?

Until it is time for bed, to get serious about something. I took a little nap tonight in the middle of the Cardinal Game. Woke up in time to watch Rescue Me and flip back to see the Cards win.

So, to get a little knitting in, I tried to watch Conan, but I am sorry I just can't do it! So, I put the Knitting Glossary in and start to watch. All of sudden, I can't make it past the first few topics. I am now thinking about the Aran I want to do and the Three and One Sweater that has been on my mind for sometime.

I am sitting here, the eyes are getting tired, and I am trying to figure out what to make the Three and One out of. Then, I start thinking about camp and my camp contest project. What is it going to be? Maybe, it's the Campitis starting up, but now all of a sudden, it is really time to go to bed and my brain is starting to engage.

Why do I wait? Don't have a clue but perhaps this is how I became a night owl? That and the little nap I take mid evening might have been it. Okay, enough, bedtime, we will see what the dreams bring!

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