Thursday, June 18, 2009

What A Find!

Last Sunday, while making room for some things I brought home from Mom's I had a find. A sweater/coat that I knitted I don't know how many years. Some of the Radicals will remember it because I bought the yarn from Joy at the end. The pattern was from the Shetland books that we all bought and the yarn is the actual yarn that the pattern called for.

It is mostly done except for the sleeves. Now, finding it did not make it to the top of the list, but it might surface closer later this summer.

The cool thing was there in the plastic envelope is the pattern, the needles and the swatch for it. I know exactly what I was doing and where I left off. When I do decide to finish (maybe in time for this Fall) I can pick it up and go right back at it.

What a find!

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Nancy said...

Wow! Terrific! A perfect color, too.