Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Birth of A Sweater or The Gestation of A Sweater

This Ravelry thing is amazing. Take the thought of a new sweater. I know the yardage and weight of the yarn that I need/want to knit something out of. Make a list of potential patterns the yarn may want to be. Put next to them the yardage that it would take to knit each of them.

Go on Ravelry. Research on the board topics to see if the sweaters are listed. Click on ones that might pertain and read the posts. This may take you on a whole different tangent.

Search on the pattern. Search the list and see what other yarns are being used for each of the patterns...this could take you off on another tangent.

Go back and look at those who have made a pattern you might be interested in. Look at the details of their projects. Definitely, look at their pictures of the sweater. Hopefully, there is one that is wearing it. How does it look on them? Is this the look you are going for? Can some alterations help? Or should you just give it up?

And finally, post on a group and see what comes back.

I must have been a researcher in another life.

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