Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Rockers I Got

I love rockers. It must have started as a child when I got a rocker that had a little music box attached to the back. When you rocked it jingled. I still have it and it is in the yarn room holding a couple of bears. The bears might have to be removed though. Since I got my mom's doll. My aunt told me the story about the doll on Sunday. But, I'll leave that for another day.

Back to the Rockers. When the tall guys parents scaled down to an apartment we became the recepient of two of their rockers. A few years back when they got new chairs, I got one of their rocker recliners. It is in the basement where I can sit in between stuff.

The latest rocker acquisition is this one. It was at my mom's. It has some memories too. It was painted cream years ago. Then my parents found someone who strips paint and so the rocker was reborn. I remember rockin and a rockin in it. So now it makes it's way to the yarn room.

I did a little rockin in it the other day. It still scoots on you if you rock too much and funny, it's smaller than I remember or maybe I just got bigger. Either way, rockers I got!

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