Sunday, June 14, 2009


The Wabi Sabi from Cheryl Oberle's Knitted Jackets book is done. AND I love it. It feels good on, it looks good on and I can hardly wait to wear it.

Just not outside on a warm June day.

I spent a little time on the Wabi Sabi this week. Knitted the facings, pulling yarn off of the too long sleeves to do the facing. On Friday night I stayed up really late, sewing half of the facing down. When I went to bed early Saturday morning, I just was not crazy about the bulk that it gave it AND, I still did like the way I sew those live stitches down.

But, instead of ripping it out, I slept on it, went knitting on Saturday and late last night, I unstitched the facing, pulled out the yarn and just bound off. I really like it just like that.

And dispite what the hand may look what it is doing in this picture it stays together just fine.

Now, that the pictures are done, I notice something I never noticed in all the knitting of this one... there is a little diamond shape on one of the back panels. It is more pronounced on one panel than it is in any of the others.

The back of the sleeve appears to be sagging as well, but once I get more clothing under it, it will fit just fine!

But, I love it anyway! And loving it is all the matters. And it is back to the Wrapper.


Nancy said...

What a nice job! It really looks good on you. Bringing it to camp? It'd feel good in that air conditioning. Show and Tell? Cheryl will love seeing it.

Linda said...

That looks great!