Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweater Thinking

I am addicted. To yarns. To sweaters. To planning.

A few weeks back I bought some Venezia from Knit 4 Together. The plan was to do a sweater from the latest Knitter's magazine. I still may do it, but I got to rethinking it. A mistake of mine I often make. Thinking too much!

I did a swatch and was pretty sure that I wanted to make said sweater. After taking Judy Chan's Knit to Fit Class I thought maybe I should make a swatch in the round to make sure of my gauge. Thats when I started looking at the pattern again and wondering if the motifs on it were really a good look for me. I figured I could move them up a little and it might be a bit more flattering.

In the meantime, I have let the idea veg for awhile. On Saturday, I started searching the yarn on Ravelry and seeing what others have done with it. I came up with a couple of possibilities for the Venezia - the February Lady Sweater, Clapotis and the Minimalist Sweater. All of these are ones that I have looked at before. Most of the three would not use up the yarn that I bought and wound for the Knitter's sweater. Which would leave me with leftovers - something I don't need more of.

The thought from there takes a life of it's own - what if I did the Clapotis and used the rest for a tank that I have been looking at. If I needed more yarn, I could get some more. STOP! WAIT! I am trying to use up yarn NOT buy more.

So I sleep on it! Wake up on Sunday and starting looking at more possibilities - the Chic Knits Hoodie, CeCe, Sandrine. I even go so far as to post a note to Bonne the designer of Sandrine to see what she thinks. Swatch she responds, the fabric may be too dense for Sandrine. Shoot!

What have I decided? Keep knitting on the Wrapper for camp. Let the Venezia veg for a little while longer and keep getting ready for camp!

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Linda said...

I do the same thing. Frequently. All last weekend. I even had yarn out but managed not to start something.