Friday, June 09, 2006

How Many Wraps Does A Person Need?

Really, I need an answer to this question. Or maybe, I don't need one. I think it is like the quest for the perfect purse or pair of black shoes. You keep accumulating them until you find just the right one. That's what I am doing with wraps. The quest for just the right one. When I find it, the madness will stop,right? Okay, wrong, but, it sure sounded good for a minute.

This one is from Sally's Second Book, Purl. I chose a pretty soft wool (cause that is what it called for), I could have went a little softer I think, but I was being cheap at the time. But now, that I look at it, I think, I might rip it out and do the same pattern only about twice as wide, as use it as a baby blanket. The yarn is Shepherd Colour 4 Me, an 8 ply Australian wool. It was under the Dale Baby Ull at Knit 4 Together. It just feels soft enough for a baby blanket and is the perfect color when you don't know what it is going to be.

But, you know that would mean going back for more yarn! I really am leaning toward the baby blanket idea, and Linda, wouldn't it look really cool with the Dale Baby Ensemble in tan and cream?

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