Saturday, June 03, 2006

My Name Is Penny And I Am A Yarn Addict

Yes, I made a stand that I was going to start using up the stash I had. You would have thought that after last weekend, hauling most of it downstairs, that it would be reinforced, right? Wrong oh so wrong.

I got up this morning knowing full well that I was going to Dunlap. Sure, I told myself I would just stop there on the way to Grand Prairie, and just pick up those couple of extra balls of yarn that I will need for my Knit Camp project. And maybe, I'd look at the colors of Dale Baby Ull and pick up a couple of those for the baby ensemble I want to do.

Many $ later, I went a whole new direction on the baby ensemble (they did not have the colors I really wanted), was set on buying some yarn for the dishcloth shawl, but decided on something totally different, would have succombed to yet another color of Cascade 220 for yet another start on Meg's Cardigan but they did not have enough of what I wanted.

Suffice it to say, I am a sick person, and when the tall guy sees what my credit cards look like he is going to go through the roof. But, I'll be ready, my analogy is when I die, the life insurance will cover them.

So, boys, don't plan on any inheritance cause there won't be any, it'll all go to the credit card companies! But, you will have wonderful yarn to remember me by and think of how much enjoyment it gave me!

Love, Mom

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