Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some People Like Green

And I love lime green, but my heart belongs to Caribe Blue. Can you tell? Even this week's stitches on the Stitch Calendar are Caribe Blue. I've always been a blue fan. When I was a kid and my brother moved out, I got his room. Mom and Dad painted it blue, I got new blue carpet and I had a red phone. Now, that I am grown up (no comment), our living room and dining room are blue with blue carpet. Before we moved our bedroom to the basement, our bedroom was blue. And I drive a blue car. Okay, it is really dk blue, but still it's blue.

Caribe Blue, it is my color. I became a fan when I first saw the water as our Cruise ship was leaving Florida, 12 years ago. Amazing how the water is so Turq. I still marvel at that. And no wonder when I go to Mexico, I take pic after pic of the water. This is not my picture, but one I lifted, but this is where I am trying to go with Meg's Cardigan. The look of Caribe Blue Water with the white caps of waves.

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