Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm Okay, She's Better!

It has been a hectic week. I can't believe it is Friday tomorrow! My mom is home from the hospital and doing relatively well. I am not sure how to describe it, but forgive me if this comes out funny, not haha funny, but odd funny. She is well, but a few days in the hospital seems to have made her more something. More unsure of herself, more prone to repeating the same story several times and I do mean several. More something. I know it is because she is alone and it is scary for her.

I all to vividly recall a couple of years ago when she broke her ankle and then developed the start of her stomach problems. I'm not ready to go back there. So, maybe I'm just being a tad whiney myself today. A little PMS could be my problem. But, I am glad that she is on the mend.

I am just hopeful for a nice calm weekend with no emergency calls. My gift to myself for Saturday is a trip to the yarn shop. Not for yarn necessarily, just for some needles that I need for Knit Camp IN TWO WEEKS!

Yippee Skippy! Two weeks from tonight, we'll be starting a weekend of knitting with Meg!!!

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