Sunday, June 25, 2006

No Wonder I Don't Have Any Needles or Here I Go Again!

I tried knitting this a couple of years ago out of a yarn I initially used for another cardigan. It sits downstairs somewhere, waiting for the rest of it to be torn out. So, yesterday when I was at Knit 4 Together, I thought I'd give it another try out of the Lumpy Bumpy.
The pattern is from Knitter's Stash from Interweave Knits. Last night when I began to knit this, I didn't quite understand what the pattern was saying to me. I thought maybe I was missing something soI decided to go online and check out Errata on it. While doing that, I discovered that there are several books from Interweave Press that I have, that have corrections to them. Here's the web address, because I know there are others of you who have these same books. I don't know how long these corrections stay out there, but I've started printing the ones that I know I have right now and inserting them into the back of my books.

Yesterday, Claudia warned me that there were two different batches of the Lumpy Bumpy called Fall Flowers. I discovered as much yesterday when I started winding them. I think I might have picked up two that are like the left. I'm going to use them I think. Time will tell.

I can see what they are doing. They are making stripes. It was not so noticeable when I used just a little at the top and then switched. But, now as the the piece gets wider, I can see the changes. I might have to not switch balls as often and see if I can get by with what I bought the most of.

It's kind of fun to see what happens with this. Even though, I still have to knit my swatch for camp!

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