Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today Would Be A Good Day To Knit With Wool

It's only going to get up to a flippin 63 degrees! I might have to shut the windows and pull out a sweater to wear.

I really need to get back to this baby sweater and get it completed. I am knitting it in a larger size, so the baby can wear it in the Fall.

What I really hope for today, is that the mailman brings my package from Threadbear Fiberarts. Rob emailed me on Wednesday, that it was in the mail, so I'll be watchin for the mailman around noon today to see if he brings it. It has some needles in the package too that I want to use for another baby project that HAS to be completed by July and I am anxious to do the gauge swatch on it too.

Lordy, not only do I have WIPS, but I have WIPS that are waiting to be WIPS!!

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