Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Am The Old Woman In The Shoe

And it's not kids in my shoe but projects on the needle as you will see from this week's pics. All are on the needles.

Today's latest WIP is this shawl from Christine Bylsma Designs - Ladder Shawl. It wasn't even on my list but I picked up the yarns on Saturday with Marilyn from Knit 4 Together's help. It is all K5 P5. When done the knit stitches are all dropped. I am obsessing with it right now. It's all I am knitting on at home. There is no way to transport because it is a job keeping the yarns from tangling.

The yarns are Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Classic Elite La Gran Mohair in a very light cream and seafoam, Trendsetter Pepita (a ribbon with gold in it), Farmhouse Yarns Silk Spun Cotton in Mint Julep (don't you love that color name), Classic Elite Star ( a cotton and lycra blend-it has spring to it, not the season but as in your step), and Trendsetter Finesse.

This is so much better in person. I just love looking at it. Even though a dozen other projects are calling my name.

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