Monday, June 12, 2006

The Third Times The Charm

Actually, the blue is my 4th attempt at Meg's Cardigan.
Several years ago, I started a red Woolease one. It was further along than any of these, but too big, by the time I got it up to the top.

I finally have decided on the blue as one I will complete. Although, I have had to rip it out several times this weekend. I did a gauge swatch and liked it, but once I knitted the rib with the size 9 needles I really did not like the looseness of it. So, I recast it on with an 8 only to have it twist on me.

Finally, last night when I got to knitting the actual body, did I remeasure the gauge and was getting about 5 stitches to the inch. So, now I have changed to the size 9 needle, leaving the rib on 8's and will see how it progresses today. I may need to rip it back one more time if I think the rib is too tight.

I will probably rip out the purple Galway above. I really bought it originally for one of the sweaters from the Shetland Books. The gray is going to sit and veg, while I try washing a hank of it as suggested by Linda.

I'm workin way too hard on these!!

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