Saturday, June 17, 2006

Look Out Meg, Here We Come

I don't know if the town of Marshfield is ready for the Radical Knitters. We've got a couple of weeks before Knit Camp, but if the meeting of the Radical Knitters on Thursday is any indication, look out!

You have to know the group to truly appreciate it. Norma, is a world traveler and she can pack two weeks of clothing in a carry along. Me, I go for a weekend and you'd think while I was away that someone was going to cart my wordly possessions to the Good Will. And we're just talking clothes and shoes. We have not even hit on knitting!

I mean after all, we are going to be gone almost 5 days! Some of us find it hard to work on only one project in a night let alone 5 days!! And that's what I like about Char and Linda, we can sacrifice an extra pair of jeans but sacrifice the entire supply of yarn for a sweater while being 6 hours away from home? No way Jose!

So, we come back to the Radical Knitters meeting on Thursday. Char, Linda and myself, all were remembering that we needed to make a name tag and that Norma was going to put it together for us. We all were dreading it, and none of us had really had a time concept that we needed to have it already DONE for her.

So, look what that Norma presented us on Thursday.
Can you believe it? A name tag AND a little bag so we don't have to take our purses down to class. We were all floored by the gift! Mine will go with my ensembles for the weekend. Yes, I already have them figured out. Have not picked out the jewelry yet, but all will be quite casual AND the best part of it all? My new Birkis are the only shoes I need take.

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