Sunday, March 02, 2014

Meterologically Speaking

Friday was supposed to be the last day of Winter, meteorologically speaking is what the weatherman said.  I thought he said neurologically speaking.  Actually, I think we were both right.  The end of February/beginning of March means it should be getting warmer, the snow should be staying away.  Well, not this year.

But, that is not stopping me.  I finished my Gibson sweater last night.  Now, it just needs blocking.  Major blocking to get that poof out of the hip and the hem to lay down.  I may rethink that hem so I have left the ends attached until I get it blocked.

And now that I have that one out from under me, I am moving onto some early Spring things.  This will be my mindless knitting at the shop on Knit Nites and Knit Saturdays.  It is Twister or Twisted or something like that out of Berroco Linsey from at least two Springs ago.  I knitted a Summer Sweater out of the yarn and decided to reuse it for this sweater.

For my purse project/work knitting/appointment knitting I have Lala's Shawl.  This one is for a friend of mine who is turning 50 later this month so it has a bit of urgency to it to get done.

And another shawl for me, but it needs swatching first.  Maybe tonight during the Oscars.  This is going to be Cheryl Oberle's Double Refraction, I hope.  It is another one that I will be able to knit at the shop on since the yarn came from there.

So, even though we got dumped with about 6 inches of snow AGAIN, I am moving onto my Early Spring knitting, neurologically speaking that is!

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