Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday - A Bee-U-T-Full Day

Another bee-u-t-full day in Central IL.  The laundry is all done and I really should be cleaning, but as I told the Tall Guy this morning, this will probably be the last weekend in a while where we can just kick back and do what we want to.  I am anticipating good news later this week, which will mean, weekends will be for getting a house ready to sell.  But, lets just wait one more weekend before we turn it all over to other stuff.

I discovered a couple of weeks ago just how much a sunny Monday can make the week so much better. Even if you have to work.  But, today, the sun and the possibility that Spring is really going to be here, I am copying what Sarah P did this morning and spend a bit of time outside knitting and enjoying a bit of the beauty of the sun, blue skies, birds singing and yes the kids screaming next door.

As usual, all of a sudden, I realize that I am way behind on my Spring knitting.  Where to start?  Last year, I bought some Classic Elite Soft Linen for this shawl.  I did my gauge swatch last year and even cast on, but put it away when Fall snuck up on me way too fast.

 This Spring, I think I may have changed my mind….My thought process went something like this.  I know of two other knitters that I associate with that are knitting the same thing only in slightly different versions.  I already have "several" possible shawls both on the needles and in the thought process.  Do I really need another?

And then, this sweater by Heidi K was favorited by a friend on Ravelry.  And in researching, as I nearly always do when I see something I like, I discovered that someone had knit it out of Soft Linen.  Hmmm, I have soft linen.

Now, because I am all about Knit and Fit this year, I would not stripe all the way to the bottom, but rather keep the stripes up at the top instead, I am really considering changing my mind.  Besides, (my rationale), I'll bet I could have this done and wearing before Summer sweeps in.  And (my other rationale), this would be something I could be knitting on at the knit shop since the yarn came from there.

Time to swatch, I hope where ever you are, you are having a bee-u-t-full Sunday!

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Kristen said...

Make it! It will be beautiful!