Monday, March 10, 2014

Grandchild, Grandnieces and Grandnephew

What a wonderful family weekend we had.  Unfortunately, Baby Boy A was sick and couldn't come home, but his wonderful wife brought our granddaughter over.

She was sportin one of her sweater tunics I knit her in 2012.  She can finally wear it and I am so pleased that her mama put it on her for the Saturday birthday party for one of our great nieces.

She loves her books!  It is so darn cute to watch/listen to her read.

My great nephew is such a ham.  You can never get him to sit still!

His sister is such a girly girl and so full of energy.

Uncle Baby Boy B is a fave of Mona Lisa and vice versa.  Truth be told, she likes him better than Grandma.

And our little Bella, another of our grandnieces turned one.  She is a doll and believe me she is a princess in her mommy and daddy's eyes!

What a wonderful weekend it was with family all around us all weekend long.  We are so blessed!

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Kristen said...

Great family pictures!