Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stash Enhancement Saturday

If all goes well, we will be closing on our new house later this month.  When that happens, we will have two houses, one new house payment (that we have not had for several years) with two insurances,  two utilities -  until at least we get the current house ready, on the market and sold.  I am thinking positive thoughts on that.

When that all goes down, the stash enhancement will be far and few between!  For those who know me well, I'll survive the drought.

In the meantime, I could not resist this little gem at the shop today.  After all, it is my color and would be a nice little Spring cowl.

I gave up all of my knitting magazine subscriptions some time ago, because I just don't have the room for them (which reminds me that my collection is going to have either follow me to the new house or well, I am just not thinking about that right now).  Anyway, I picked up the latest on a couple at the shop today and the mailman brought me the Summer Patternworks catalog.

They all have some designs in them that I really want to cast on like right now! Problem is, I really am going to have to see if I don't have something in the yarn room that I could knit them out of, which will mean some math on the patterns.

From Vogue, this one is out of Koigu Kersti.  It's a finer yarn than I have yardage for in any of the yarns that I have in the yarn room.  But, I loved this one from the first look.  This one would need me to get on it like right now, if I intend to be able to wear it this Spring.

Also, from Vogue, this vest could be knit from a DK.  Hmmm, I happen to have a thought on what I could knit it out of, but that would mean that the yarn that was destined for a shawl/pullover might have to be scrapped.  This one I will have to give some more thought to.

I really like this pullover!  It is out of Spud and Chloe Fine.  And again, I just do not think I have anything in the yarn that I can sub out for the yarn.  But, perhaps a bit of math and I might be able to duplicate out of something else.  I'll need to go to the spring/summer section of the yarn room and see what might jump out.

Don't you just love this cover sweater  With a bit longer sleeves, I so think this one is doable. And so Summer like, don't you think?!  I have some Baby Bunny that I think is a possibility!

 Today turned out to be sunny and so Spring like after a cloudy start.  Makes one think that Spring really is here.  It was a good day to go down the road with the cover to the sunroof open and enjoy the beauty of the sky.

Amazing what it does for one's mental health!

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Andi said...

Yay! Glad to hear that your Spring weather has finally arrived. Lovely stash enhancements.