Saturday, March 01, 2014

Saturdays - Love Em

Saturdays or at least most Saturdays, I can be found knitting at the local yarn shop.  It is a nice relaxing time with friends and yarn and food sometimes.  And yarn buying too.

Yep, after being on the yarn crawl last weekend, some Madtosh followed me home today.  I'll show it in a post down the road when it is in progress.  The plan at the moment for it to be a shawl by Cheryl Oberle, Double Refraction.

 But first, I have to swatch the yarn and I have to finish the Gibson Sweater, I am knitting right now out of Kodiak.

It is a good thing that I collect knitting bags, because before this one is used for anything else, it is going to need the vacuum cleaner taken to it!  I did not realize until today how much the Kodiak subtly sheds until we were talking about it at the shop  and I looked down into my bag and saw a nice collection of red fuzz all over it.  Yep, I think it is going to shed!  And I was planning on wearing this over white.

And the best part of today?  This pic I got this evening of Mona Lisa.  The caption ready, "she's ready for you to teach her".  My response, "and I will and she can have the pic of the yarn room too.  That's what Grandmas do!"

Saturdays, love em.

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