Sunday, July 27, 2003

I am in a slump with my knitting. I bought some Regia Crazy Cotton, thinking I was going to knit this neat little t-shirt that has these little blips of color. But after knitting the rib and then knitting a little on the body of the t-shirt(and looking at the yarn wrapper for only about a week) the light bulb went off and I discovered I had bought mass quantities of a yarn that no matter what you do is going to stripe.

So, I am sort of bumbed out and I just can't quite get back into it. I started the Pickpocket Tunic from Jamieson's 1st Shetland book out of it, and it is going to be okay, but it is just not quite what I want. I do a token few rows on it, but my heart is just not in it. Consequently, I don't want to knit anything at the moment. Now anyone who knows me, knows that this is just not my style.

I am not happy if I am not knitting every waking moment. However, I am reading a book by Donati and so I am not exactly being a slug and I started cleaning on my basement yesterday, dusting out my knitting magazine collection and re-arranging them. I almost tossed all of my old Vogue Knitting magazines, but as I sat there looking through them, I saw some possibilities of sweaters that I can knit, that I never thought I would. So I kept them.

So at least I am thinking knitting, and that counts as still having the passion for knitting.

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