Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!

Okay, it is a new year and I have already made a list of dos and don'ts for me. After spending a couple of hours looking an elusive pattern that I know is somewhere with a WIP and seeing all of the yarn I have, I absolutely do not need to buy any more yarn until the next millenium comes around. BUT--as my good friend Norma says "need has nothing to do with it". Seriously, I have enough sock yarn to out fit a small village.

So as I knit today away, I have got to work on some of that sock yarn. Last week, I made a list of those WIPs in my near vicinity, counting 22 want to bes. Two of which are Christmas presents 03 not 04!! That does not include the Christmas 04 that I want to start now so I am not knitting after the holiday has come and gone.

So, keep me honest, check and see how I am doing as the year progresses! Okay, along with all that I really want to learn how to use Frontpage, add pics to this blog and a couple of other computer things so I don't seem so stupid. And of course this is the year I will make it to my goal weight, I will run the Race for the Cure in May and I will run the Steamboat Classic in June!

Big list huh? But that is what a New Year is all about! And last but not least, enjoy life, because mine is good and I have such a great family and equally great friends!

Knit On!

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