Sunday, February 06, 2005

We have a destination.!! Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa. See all of it at
I think this will be even better than Punta Cana. We will be there by noon next Saturday, and though our rooms will not be ready, my suit and suntan lotion will be with me and I will be having a cold something and food by 1:00 p.m We will pace ourselves so as not to be so out of it that we can't enjoy dinner!

At the moment, I am just trying to decide on what knitting to take. As you can see above, I finally finished the vacation sox that I first started when we went to Ixtapa the first time. I bought the yarn itself back at Meg's Knit Camp at the Black Purl in Wausau WI in 1999! See even then I knew that Caribe Blue and Lime were cool. Have you shopped ready to wear yet? Does it not scream PENNY, PENNY, PENNY? I am also going to take my two tank like sweaters I knit this past spring. One will be perfect just to throw over the suit, cause when I wear it, it is just a tad too low, especially when I sit humped over.

Hi Wayne, if you are surfing blogs, I too have one! I started this cause it was easier than emailing all my knit friends all over the states to let them know what is going on with me with knitting. But please guys be sure and check out the other website: You can see how I am earning trip and yarn money! Hope to see you all later this Spring!

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