Monday, April 18, 2005

Do you think I have enough jewelry? This is what keeps me busy when I am not knitting and yarn shopping. My two obesessions. This week begins an interesting week with the lia sophia business. I have back to back parties next Saturday and Sunday and then yesterday I got a wild one when I wanted to book one more for the month of April. Of course I gave the soon to be hostess and incentive, if she booked a party in the last week of April (which means she has to be fast with her guest list) she could choose out of a little box of discontinued jewelry! So she did and now booked it for next Tuesday which is Tuesday Knit Night at Lakeview Library. So I will miss this one knit night, something I said I would not do when I started selling lia sophia, but could not pass up getting one more party in for the month of April. Need more info on lia sophia? Check our catalog out at: Sorry, I have not spent enough time figuring out how to direct link the website, maybe that will be a Summer Project! Posted by Hello

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