Saturday, April 30, 2005

I have had a GREAT few days! On Thursday, I took a half day off and spent the most delightful few hours with the Daytime Knitters of the Peoria Areas Stitchers Guild. This is a group of mostly retired ladies. What fun it was sitting around Norma's table knitting, eating dessert and drinking coffee.

After the ladies departed for home, Norma and I went over to Mary's in Eureka to see what was new there. Then we for a great dinner at Katy's in Washington. After all it was time to eat.

After Katy's we went to Knit Night in Morton and the new yarn shop Ewe-nique Yarns. One of our Radical Knitters, Linda joined us. Since I was just about done with my Suede poncho, I needed to stock up on yarn for a new project (I like to knit on yarn from the shop I am sitting in) so I got Debbie Bliss Aran tweed for Carol Anderson's Tunic Sweater (I made one years ago when I was much heavier). Now it is time for one that fits. I won't get rid of the too big one because it is nice and comfy at times. Weight Watchers would tell me to get rid of it, but I really like it so I am keeping it.

And then today, Norma, Jo and I went over to Needleworks in Champaign, mainly to buy yarn for the unofficial knit a long that the Radical Knitters are doing of Twisted Sisters Pythagorean Theory Sweater. Jo and I bought yarn for it, Norma bought a pattern book from them that has a different cardigan in it that she might get more use then the one we are doing.

I can't begin to tell you how gracious the ladies and gentlemen over at Needleworks are. I had not been there in probably a year, but they welcomed us like we were one of their regulars! Sharon is the sweetest women, she wound all of Jo and my Twisted Sisters Yarn (Jo had what 12 and I think I had about 16). Jo went to have lunch with her son and Sharon told Norma and I that we were going to eat with them. They were celebrating Matthew and all other April birthdays and there was an table full of food. Janice grilled hotdogs, brats and sausages. Kate had a great Ramen salad that she gave us the recipe for, Ray brought fruit and dip and there were sweets and breads galore.

We bought yarn, ate, sat and knitted and vistited like we were a part of the group. Needleworks is my kind of yarn shop, the kind that you always dream about owning or if not your own, one you want to be able to go to. Kind of like Cheers where everyone knows your name. If you get a chance you have got to go visit them and tell them that Penny sent you.

And now to complete the great few days I have been having, I am going to go sit with my coffee in front of the t.v. watching Cardinal baseball, and Knitting! How good can life be? Not any better. Pictures tomorrow-hopefully! Thanks to all of my knitting friends for everything you do with me!!

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