Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Suede poncho is done, well at least knitted. I tried it on and was not too sure that I liked it. But then I started putting on the fringe, and have decided it looks good when it is laying there. I was only going to put fringe every so often, but decided it needs lots of fringe. I am waiting to post pic of it when it is all done. Maybe I can get Bob to take the pic of me with it.

Started the first triangle of the Pyth Jacket. The purple is dark to see when trying to count ridges. The pattern calls for size 7 needle, so of course I started with a 4, cause I always have to go way down, and for once I am using exactly what the pattern called for and I am getting the gauge.

The yarn is considerably finer than what I used on my first one, so this will be interesting to see what the fit is on it. I am going to make more triangles to make it longer and I bought an extra ball in all four colors just in case. I hope I bought enough. This is not one that I want to sit around with. It cannot be a WIP for long

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