Saturday, May 07, 2005

What am I doing this day before Mother's Day? Preparing for Willie's return in the next week. You see for the last few months as many know he has been away at college. Now, he comes home for not just the Summer but for who knows how long (if he finds a job here after his internship it will be a while, if not who knows where he will be) Anyway, I am cleaning out his room of as much of my stuff possible ( I have had control of it for the last four years while he was away, only taking my stuff out in the summer). So now I am rearranging a couple of pieces of furniture and decided to move my knitting bookcase. To do so meant taking them all out. So in doing, I am going to double check and enter those I don't have listed in my Hand D Base on my Palm. And since there is not much worth watching on t.v. tonight, I am going to look through them as I do. Ahhhh-what a great way to spend a Mother's Day Eve!! But, while moving stuff out I have come across about 3 boxes of books that I have not read! Between knitting and reading I should be pretty well set for a life of about another 50 years!  Posted by Hello

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