Saturday, May 28, 2005

Whatcha going to do this weekend?

I have a list :)

1. Work in the yard a bit. Not too much mind you, but enough so that what plants are out there can breathe. They don't know it is spring, I have been keeping them in the dark.

2. Work in the basement a bit, need to start sorting some things and throwing some things and making room for things that have been upstairs can work towards going downstairs since the smoke smell is disapating.

3. Wind some yarn. Before my epiphany of last week, I bought yarn and have to wind it up. Yes there will be pics soon.

4. Work on the pyth jacket, I am at the point on the back where I am needing to decide how much I will be adding and what it will do to the width of the back. Again, there will be pics to follow.

5. Watch a little t.v. and knit of course. The Indy 500 is on Sunday, and I always take the time to watch it. Hopefully, there will be a sunny sky and no rain. It is a great time to knit!

6. Catch up on a little reading. And hopefully bask in the sun for a bit while doing it.

That's my list for the long weekend. Hope you all have a great one too. Can't express in words how much you all mean to me and I appreciate all of your thoughts and words. I am so lucky! Linda-chin up, we will SURVIVE to knit another day.

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