Monday, November 24, 2008

New Books
On a whim, I went into Barnes and Noble to see if they had the new Cheryl Oberle jacket book on Saturday. I looked at several of their books and pulled out Cheryl's without even really noticing it. I started to put it back and realized what I had in my hand.>This is a fantastic book and there are several I want to make out of it like right now.

Like this one out of the pink mohair and tweed Cascade 220 I have been toying with for a couple of months. It originally was going to be a simple cardigan, but I think the tightness of the gauge was going to make it a really heavy sweater. This one from Cheryl's book is perfect I think. I am just whipping up a swatch first and then will decide where to go from there.
While perusing the books I came upon this Debbie Bliss book too so as an early Christmas present to myself I bought it too. It has a great coat in it and a couple of neat sweaters for future knitting purposes. Not for right now, but maybe later.

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