Sunday, November 23, 2008

Remember Last Saturday

I was quite pleased that I walked out of the yarn shop with nothing! Remember that? Well, not so much this week. I went over to Dunlap to get some baby yarn.
Which I did. For Lila Rose for Christmas for a sweater and hat. And yarn for an immediate hat!. These days babies are so snuggled into their car seats and put into warm cars that they don't need much in coats. But, when we were up there a couple of weeks ago, the poor girl had a borrowed hat and was not very girlie at all. And Auntie Pen did not have any girlie yarn.

I have been looking at a couple of sweaters out of the Debbie Bliss magazine for sometime. And not being real imaginative on color and wanting to do this for someone, I had an ah ha moment. I have a daughter-in-law. Who likes purple. So I ordered this Debbie Bliss silk yesterday for this sweater.

I don't have to have it done for Christmas, so I ordered the yarn to be knit later. Now, I can hardly wait til it comes in. But, it will be a couple of weeks with the holiday and all.

One of the others that I have been repeatedly looking at is this sweater for me from the Debbie Bliss magazine. I had some birthday money and so I finally decided to order it for me. In the green. It was a toss up between the blue and the green.

Since I just finished a blue coat, I thought I do a change and go with the green.
The color card shows a little lighter green than the in the picture and I am hoping that is the case with my yarn when it comes in.

In the mean time, I got a thing or two to knit for Christmas so I had better make the most of my couple of weeks and get them accomplished.

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