Sunday, March 01, 2009

Back From Camp

I have no pictures to show, didn't even haul my camera out of my purse. Too busy knitting, shopping and eating.

Arnhild is a gem. The camp is laid back and I did alot of swatchin. We made two yarn shop stops on our way up on Thursday. One in Knoxville IL ( a yarn shop and a beauty shop all in one). I particularly liked her hours 8 - 4. The second in Iowa City, where we spent a good two hours....arriving at Knit Camp just in time to eat.

The weekend was full of knitting, but not so bad that I am pooped, just mildly tired.
Elsebeth Lavold is so nice and knowledgable and her class was good, but the best part is the no cable needle instruction. She was the keynote speaker for last night's Banquet with a great slide show. I won one of her designs all knitted up in Ireland and sent by Knitting Fever. It was toooooo small for me, so Sue and I traded (the sweater looked great on Sue), and I got a subscription to Knitters. Everyone wins a door prize!

I made a little Faroese shawl and now I am ready to haul out some of my yarn and try a big one.

Today, we knitted a while in Arnhild's Clinic and then took off for two more yarn shops in Iowa City. Arrived home tonight and tomorrow I am off and I am going to play around the house....plan some more projects, surf the net for things I heard about and enjoy a day home alone!

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