Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Corralling the Knitting

It's that time again to corral the knitting. It was getting a little out of hand. Going off in many directions and nothing being finished. So, I made some lists. A Wish/Want To List. Since making the lists, some have left the list, some have changed position. Again, they are wish lists or rather directions to go.

Before Camp

Finish the Ravelympics Shawl - even though lace is not my most favorite thing to do right now.
Finish the Round the Bend Jacket - it has been in progress too long AND 1/2 was my show and share last year.
Finish Amy's Shawl (not essential, so this could make it to the bottom of the list)
The Aran Cardigan - this has been on the list for awhile, but I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to knit it out of. Now, with a little help from Linda, I think the Rose Grey (Brown) Alpaca would be great to do this from. Probably not a finished object for camp but definitely on the list.

Cheryl's Knitted Jackets
The Wrapper ( my do anywhere knitting)
Wabi Sabi (Kind of important to work on this right now, in case I need to call Iowa City and have her send me more of the Manos Yarn)
Dakota on the Side (tentative as to the yarn this is going to be done from)

For Spring (which is just around the corner, so I had better get these going)
Pea Coat (if I want to wear this year, I had better put this to the top of the list)
Sideways Baby Sweater for Maria's granddaughter to be( April or May)
A Spring Cotton Sweater or two

EZ/Meg/Brooklyn Tweed Tomten - I just don't know what yarn to do this from. I know what I want, but can I find it? Do I have it in the Yarn Room?

It's quite a daunting knitting season coming up, isn't it? But, at least I have a focus now.

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Nancy said...

What a list! Guess I'd finish one thing to make myself feel all better...then see what's happening! Maybe the baby thing next since babies are notorious for coming on some day opther than due date!!!