Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's That Time Again

The first day of Spring. And I've been refelecting on what I want to accomplish this Spring. Kind of a New Season Resolution List.

One of the things that I thought of while there was a possibility of a grandchild, was that I really don't have room for a baby bed in the yarn room.
Couple that with our impending construction of a new bathroom in the basement and I need a place for the many knitting magazines I have accumulated over the years. Well, I've always known that I need to knit down some of the yarn in the room, but sometimes it's hard to keep from buying the newest and the latest yarn.

Armed with paper and pen, I've made a list of yarns that need to be knitted for this Spring and Summer. It's quite the list as you would expect, but I think it is doable. And when done, I should have at least two bins free, maybe a third.

One of the great colors for Spring from Pantone is Lavender. Now, those who know me, know that Caribe Blue is my fave, but I am becoming a lavender/thistle fan. Yesterday, after knitting, four of us went out to Bergner's for their 30% shoe sale...I came home with these cuties...

But as luck would have it, I do have some yarn that will look pretty good with it I think. These Sublime yarns are so scrumptious and I am anxious to start on this sweater out of it. Technically, this yarn didn't even make it to a bin, it is still sitting in the sack waiting patiently.

I'm anxious to cast on and knit it, but before then I have to finish a project that I am test knitting. But, for this weekend, I have given myself the weekend off from it, so armed with some Harry Potter movies on Family Channel, and my needles I think I'll do a gauge swatch for it.

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