Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Patterns

This has been quite the week...I've felt older than my years and have one malady after the other. Next week, I am going to be better...I'm not going to whine as much...thats a sign that Spring is coming.

There was some good basketball this weekend at the Civic Center and then some boring basketball...

In a couple of weeks, we are going to start the build of a new bathroom in the basement. We've lived here for over 30 years and with four of us have been using one bathroom. This is long over due...but before that can happen, we had to make some space and get rid of a few things. One would be surprised at what we found. There were a couple of containers of yarn that had to go to the garbage. They could not be selvedged. They were from the day when the Tall Guy smoked and smoked alot. Even with them being put into closed tubs the smell permeated the yarn and I am just not into airing them out.

We've filled up almost all of our garbage cans for this week, so after Thursday garbage day, we'll have to load them up again.

With the cleaning, I managed to find a couple of long lost patterns and only one set of inox needles. I was surprised at that.

Last night, while surfing patternfish, I found some new patterns that had to follow me always I have yarn in the yarn room that will look great in them. But before I can start any of them, I have to finish the test knit that I am doing and the Orange Remix Sweater.

I love that Patternfish....patterns when you need them.

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