Sunday, August 16, 2015

There Was Knitting

We celebrated today, our fellow Knit Wit Kendra's upcoming wedding, with a shower!  And of course, there was knitting!  After a delicious meal and to die for cake and homemade ice cream, while the bride-to-be opened her gifts  those who knit did.  What fun.

But the best part was all of the lovely decorations and table decor done by Jenny and Jalayne.  Hearts sewn from an old book hung from the doors.

Chocolate and vanilla cakes with the best tasting icing ever with fairy dust sprinkled on it.  And there was home made ice cream!

The blue rocks in the mason jars made the water look blue.  I am totally stealing this idea.

Duplicated on the tables were the floating candles.

Our place cards were wrapped around our glasses with moscato, lemonade, grenadine and blueberries.  It may look like the plates and silverware are real, but really they are not.

It was such a lovely shower.

So much fun!

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