Sunday, August 02, 2015

What's On Your Needles This Week???

I'm gearing up for Stitches Midwest later this week, and while there will be a lot of time spent in the market, I also plan on kicking back and enjoying the just for me time-  knitting and watching people!  The venue for SMW is perfect if you just want to find a nice space in the hotel area to knit in some comfy places, with a cuppa or maybe a glass of wine and knit.  I plan on taking advantage of all this along with meeting up with some friends!

That is why I had to sit down yesterday and take a bit of a look at what I'll be taking to knit on.  I am really going to try to NOT take all the things to knit on (no, really I am).  I've got deadline knitting coming up (real and self-imposed) and I have to be smart about my knitting right now in order to accomplish them all.  (Oh, that is a whole nuther post to bore you with down the road!)

So, for this week and going to Stitches this week, here is my line up :

My current Hospice Shawl, Aise.  One of the first patterns I picked out when I decided to knit Hospice Shawls was Aise and the Baby Beanz yarn.  I was looking for a color way that was nice and not too bright,  washable and was easily knit.  It did not get a whole lot of love back in December when I bought the yarn, I thought it was quite boring and not as pretty as all the other shawls I had in mind for Hospice.  But, you know, I was pleasantly surprised by it.  I really like the shawl, although in hind site, I wish I had bought a softer yarn for it.  Not that Baby Beanz  isn't soft, it is okay, but I think it was more about the needle size and the hand of the knit fabric but there are so many more possibilities.  The best part of this shawl is that it will be perfect for knitting on at SMW and can be done quite mindless, you just have to pay attention to when the eyelets need to be done.

The Chaparusa Vest.  I got a plan to wear this in two weeks.  All the yarn is going to be wound and will go to Stitches with me.  I am hoping to knock a fair bit of it out.  This one is going to work with me as well this week and even though I'll be gone for two days later this week, I am going to take time out at lunch to at least do a bit of knitting on it!

Poppy's (that is the nickname is for the new grandson to be born in October) Baby Blanket.  This poor thing.  It is in it's third cast on.

The first time, on the same amount of stitches and on the same size needle, it was so much bigger than Mona Lisa's blanket so I recast on with less stitches, same size needles.  I finished one set of the blocks and the whole time I was knitting on it, it felt like I was knitting on really small needles.

 The block went fast, it just seemed like I was having to expend a whole lot of effort.  That was confirmed yesterday when I went to the Knit Shop, and knitter friend Becky, asked me why I was knitting it on such small needles!

Soooo, this morning I cast on one more on much larger needles, size 6 and am giving it a go.  I'll keep you posted to see which I go with, but either way this one is going as well, it will be great to knit on in the comfort of my room in the early mornings with a cuppa.

Not going to Stitches, but something on the needles that I really would like to have done by Labor Day is Meadow Grass.  You see, I've got this purse ~~~

And I had this yarn (it was going to be a sweater)~~~
And I thought, if I could find some black yarn to go with it~~~
Then I could put the two together, knit Meadow Grass~~~
And carry the purse with it as ensemble.  Voila!

That is what is on my needles, what are you knitting this week?  Really, I want to know, I may need to add it to my list!  :)

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