Thursday, July 30, 2015

Throw Back Thursday or Throw Forward Thursday

Some people dream about big fancy places, me I dream of this little place that just happens to be for sale in Minnesota.  This cabin was part of a resort that we would go to every year when I was a kid with all of my aunts and uncles and cousins on my mom's side.  At the time, it did not look anything like it does today, it was quite rustic we thought.  Since then, they have added to it, included a nice little porch and totally re-sided it.

The sliding doors have been added to what was once where my brother and I slept on twin beds.

This whole kitchen has been redone.  Back in the day where the sink is there was just a free standing sink and no cabinets or at least not these.  The room off to the right was not there.  It appears to now be a new bathroom, wonder if there is a shower and a tub?  Back in the 60's, Mom would heat water on the stove and pour it in a big galvanized tub so we could have one or two good baths over the week. The rest of the time, the lake was our bath and we took advantaging of swimming in it  every day!

Everything has been re-done in this cabin, from floors to ceiling.  And the added windows.

The only bedroom way back when is where it is now, but over the door hung a curtain to shut it off from the rest of the cabin.  The one dinky bathroom (read as toilet only) was back there too.  Where the cut out is was a cut out all the way across, and Dad would sometimes climb on the bed  and scare us over the top.

There was no porch, just a door with a screen door that would slam as you went out.  It was a wooden screen door and if I close my eyes I can still hear the sound as it shut.

Wouldn't this be a great place to sit out in the early morning, drink coffee and do a little knitting while listening to the loons?!  I love the sound of loons and the view has not changed a bit.  There are some houses across the lake but this view seems to show that not all of the land has has homes on it yet.

The sandy beach and dock  are very familiar.  You have to rake the water right out from the beach to keep the weeds from growing up and keep it sandy so you can enjoy the clear waters off of the dock for swimming and fishing.  As a kid, I spent a lot of time off of a dock just to the left of this one, fishing for sun fish.  They were not very big and so we would have to toss them back, but I loved watching them, especially in the early evening when we would toss bits of bread into them.  The fun part would be to break little pieces of gum from my mouth off and toss it in and watch them bring it in their mouths and then spit it back out.

What a beautiful place this is!  It brings back a whole lot of memories and if I would win the lotto, it
would be mine.  I would spend my Summer's right here in a New York minute.

Once can dream!  And remember of a simpler time and a time I'd give anything to do over.

And now for the Throw Back part.  My cousin sent me these pictures from 1963 on this same beach and water.

  This is me and my brother out on the lake in inter tubes that the resort had. I cannot figure out why I had to wear a swimming cap in the lake?!  I hated swimming caps.  We spent every and I do mean every afternoon out in the lake when we were there!

This is what I mean by everyone being up at the same resort.  Thats me in the front with the short blonde/white hair.  Wish I had that hair again.  These are my Mom's sisters and their husbands and one of the husband's brother with his sisters and their families.  It definitely was a family affair.

Dang, I miss those days, but I guess almost everyone says that as they get older, don't they!

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