Friday, July 10, 2015

Finally Finished Friday

I'm at Camp, but before I left I gave up this beauty to my dear "friend" who has been going through some things the last few years and loves this color as much as I do.

It was meant to come to camp with me for Show and Tell, but two things happened.  After blocking, I just was not as happy with the finished edges as I would like to be, I think that is what happens when you rush too much to meet deadlines (thats a whole different blog post) and when I saw her last Friday , I just knew I had to gift it to her.

The pattern is from Wool Gathering #91, Faroese Shawls and is out of Icelandic lace weight yarn.  The yarn is a bit scratchy when knitting with it, and more than once I cursed the bind off, but it was well worth the knit and I learned a couple of things along the way.

I have to admit this is NOT my finest work.  I cursed the bind off the whole time and am seeking out alternative methods for a stretchy bind off.  And trying to figure out the best way to add yarn as you bind off the 400+ stitches along the way.  For some reason, spit and splice never works very well for me and the russian join on this is a bit noticeable.

I am hoping to pick some of the finest brains this weekend on this type of shawl and knitting because I see many more of these in my future!

And blocking, I gotta get this blocking done right.  It is something that I seldom have patience for and it sometimes comes out in my blocking!

But, it was a nice learning lesson along the way, this first of the Summer of Shawls completed object.

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