Monday, July 06, 2015

What's in Your Project Bags?

Oh, you all know it, I am a sucker for project bags and some day, I am going to make some of my own, but for now, I am having a hoot of a time with what other people are making and you know, we must keep our etsy people alive out there!

As I prep this Monday for what is going to go to Knit Camp with me as far as knitting (one can never have too many projects, I always say, it is better to be prepared than not!), I am putting them into project bags in anticipation of their travel.  And as I do so, I am doing a bit of knitting on each of them, just to see if they can make the trip.

So, what's in my project bags today?  First off is my Dragon Melody.  This is a great project for now and at camp when I need to pay just a little bit of attention to the knitting.  For scads of inches it is just stockinette and increases on the right side.  I've put some markers in to make me cognizant  of when I need to do those increases.  It is sitting pretty in this Kristin Omdahl bag by Erin Lane  I love Erin Lane Bags and am hoping that she has some at Stitches Midwest in a bit bigger bag.  Don't you love this print?!  It is so me and that tab at the top fits cooly around a belt loop so I can knit while standing.

Second up, is my Hansel by Gudrun Johnston in none other than Just Beautiful Alpaca from Cheryl Oberle.  This project can be pretty well knit on without looking at it, which is a good thing cause black and eyes that probably should see the eye doctor when I get back for some updated glasses,  can sometimes be hard to knit on.  The nice thing is the Camp room is so well lit, that there should not be a reason I won't be able to see this.

It has been housed in my Silver Pumpkin bag.  I've had this bag for a couple of years and bought it because of the color on the outside of course, but then you all knew that didn't you!  I don't think they are doing bags anymore, at first google, I cannot find the vendor, but I love the workmanship on this bag.

Hitofude is going to, just because I have a self imposed deadline on it that I keep wondering if I will be able to make on it.  I  am such a loose knitter that I am having to use a size 1 (gasp) needle on it, which means it's going to be a while before I get the sleeves done ( the widest portion).  I'll pull it out on the first day of camp and see how well it can be knit on in the classroom and will go from there.

It is being housed in my Fat Squirrel Fibers from Knitting Pipeline last Spring.  This bag was recently vacated by my Faroese Shawl that at this writing still needs the rest of the 400+ stitches bound off and then blocked.  I'm shooting for tonight on that one.  I love the detachable handle that Mary Beth puts on all of her bags!


Also, making the trip to camp, but not necessarily a half to knit is my Pi Shawl.  I've blogged about it before and I love knitting on it, I'm still on the fence about the darkness of it.  I'm going to take it to camp and get some other opinions on it (from the experts)  It has been in this bag from Little Skein in the Big Wool Walk on the Wild Side bag since it started.

Then in another Little Skein bag, (for those who are Mickey Fans, she has been doing some Mickey project bags and stitch markers recently)  the Kimono Shawl by Cheryl Oberle is going to be going to camp. This is a two fold project, one it is part of a KAL we have been doing over on the Knitaway Group over on Ravelry all Spring long, and it also going to be a Hospice Home Shawl when I finish it, so I really need to get a move on it.  It is a pretty simple lace pattern that can also be done in the classroom during the day.

Not making the trip, but something that I am so surprised about how much I love this yarn is Chuparosa
It is in the cutest darn fabric bag.  I wish I had bought a larger bag (read as large sweater size) in this fabric.  This, too is from Little Skein in the Big Wool, I see a bit of a trend here in my project bags, don't you?!

The Maya Yarn from Berroco is such a dream to knit with.  I swatched it yesterday and really was impressed with the hand of the fabric I came up with.  This is going to be my knit shop knitting when I return, since I bought the yarn from them.  It is not a hurry up and knit, because I think it will be a great little vest to wear late this Summer, early Fall over a 3/4 top.  I am anxious to knit on it though, it is just really neat.

And that is what is in my project bags today and I might add, I'm pretty sure I've got that piece of the prep for knitting camp done.  Man, I sure am glad that I am driving, whatever would I do if I had to fly?!

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