Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer of Shawls Update

Wow, where is July going??  Here in Central Illinois, it has definitely decided that is Summer.

It is hot and steamy tonight as is evident by the first picture I took outside.  The lens steamed up!  I miss sitting out on the porch at night knitting.

The heat of the Summer is a perfect time to be knitting on shawls and I certainly have my fair share of them on the needles.   You all know, I am hopelessly addicted to casting on.  I love watching the play between needles and yarn and the pattern.  I want to see if what I thought it would look  and feel like actually comes through on the needles.    And I am loving all of the ones I have on the needles right now for my Summer of Shawls.

I've got Cheryl's Kimono Shawl out of Rylie.  Yes, this has been on the needles all Spring and just has not been getting the love it deserves!  I love Rylie's feel in this fabric.  So soft.  This one is for the Hospice Home and is a wrap.  It is a pretty simple pattern, I just have got to get back to it soon.

Next up for the Hospice Home is Boneyard by Stephen West.  The yarn is Malabrigo and is another super scrumptious feel good yarn.  This is a great take-along project easily done almost anywhere, hey, maybe I'll throw it in the car for stop light knitting!

And also for the Hospice Home, the Aise Wrap.  Another easy to take-along project.  This has been traveling back and forth to work with me in hopes that I'll actually take a lunch and knit on it.  So far that hasn't been happening.

Dragon Melody went with me to Knit Camp a couple of weeks ago and I was much further along on it then it is now.  When I got home, I decided I wanted a bit more softer feel to the shawl so I ripped it all the way back and re-cast on with a couple of size larger needles.

While at Knit Camp, I scarfed a couple of Gradient Yarns from Knit Circus.  I love the color way names, this one is The Tin Can Can Can.  The pattern is Watering the Garden Shawlette and I am super excited to see where the colors go on this one.

 And not to be out done, I bought another color way, this one is called Mermaid Lagoon.  I am using a shawl design cheat sheet and trying my hand and designing a crescent shawl, you know, just for the fun of it!  This is super super soft!  And the greens on the one above and the one below are indeed different.

Oh, yes, there are more on the needles, but for now, these are the ones I would love to have done before Summer is over, which I think is so doable.

Tomorrow, I'll give you some websites of some other great shawls that are being knit by other wonderful knitters.

I'll see you on the Purl Side!  (yes, I totally stole that line from someone).

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