Friday, July 03, 2015

This Is Funny

It is the start of a holiday weekend.  It is the start of vacation.  It is less than a week until Knit Camp.

I've got a shawl to finish the sewn bind off on and it needs to be blocked.

I've got a shawl that has a too tight cast off that needs to be bound off again, perhaps with the sewn bind off.

I've got another shawl that needs a quick wash and dry.

So, here I sit contemplating casting on new shawl patterns.  This one would be a perfect camp knit, plenty of stockinette stitch I am told to knit on while sitting, listening at camp.  The pattern is designed by Natalie Servant, a neat gal from camp a couple of years ago..

I just love this sunny yellow color.  Doesn't it just bring out the loveliness of the shawl?!

And another contender for camp knitting as it is all garter for the center square with increases and decreases.

Well, it would be no surprise that I have some lovelies to knit all of them out of!  In order of appearance above.

But, first, I promised myself I must finish this last sleeve of Inlet, even if it is not ready to go to camp.  
Thank goodness, we've this lovely weekend all to ourselves.  No where to go, just enjoying the lovely weather and kicking back to knit!


Nancy said...

Can hardly wait to see what you do decide to bring to camp!

Penny said...

I know Nancy! I think I'll just bring them all. The luxuries of driving.