Monday, July 20, 2015

Stitches Midwest Public Service Announcement

I am going to commend the XRX Company and Stitches Midwest.  I found that I needed to drop my classes I had signed up for and was very much thinking that when I made the call, I get so sorry, you are out the money.  The Customer Service Rep was so nice and tried to give me my money back (minus what we call in the biz, restocking fee), but it would not go through.  ( I was a few weeks past the cut off date).

But, she was more than helpful, letting me know when I would be getting my email with my promo code that I need to keep and can use my credit at any of the Stitches Events in the next three years.  While we were at it, she hooked me up with the Fashion Show on Friday night and got my address changed too.

Now, that I've got my schedule fixed comes the next stage of Stitches Midwest.  The market!  Which I have a plan of attack.  First of all, by attending some of the other events, I get to go to the Thursday Night Market Preview.  I've printed off the vendor listing and then using the Stitches Midwest website, I've clicked through all of the vendors who have websites, if they have potential, I've put a bit of a asterisk by them, if there were some really cool things on their website, I made a little note next to them.

And if I really wanted to see them the very first night, they've got a big circle around them, those are the places I am going to first on Thursday, and then I'll go to the ones that have asterisks by them, if time warrants on Thursday. On Friday, I'll do some leisurely shopping making some notes of things I may want to give one more chance and then at night, I am sure I'll do a little Ravelry surfing to really make sure I've covered everything at the market.

On Saturday,  I'm meeting up with some friends who are just coming for the day, it will be a hoot to see what they see that I may have missed the day before.  Then, I'll head home with all my lovely purchases.

Thats all a few weeks away, but I've got a plan when it does get here.  And I'm already getting excited!

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