Saturday, November 27, 2004

I will not let this crud get me down. After my son has had this gunk for over three weeks, I was counting myself lucky that I had not gotten it! Well, you know what they say about bragging! It looks like it is hitting both me and my husband. I will not give into it! I read an article yesterday in my favorite running magazine, that when you are as active, you become susceptible to germs. And last year we were running at least a couple of times a week, rain or cold, but no snow! This year it has really tapered off, so I am going to get my butt out there today and see if I can ward off any more of this. After all it can't hurt! Well, my mom would say different, she would say grease up with Vicks and stay out of the cold! But I always have been more like my dad was, bull head! Tell me I shouldn't and I will just to show you it can be done.

In the meantime, I am joining the sleeves onto the Pythagorean Jacket last night around midnight. I sure hope it turns out like it is suppose to. At the moment, I am going on blind faith. Pictures tomorrow!

I am also in the throws of finalizing my Christmas/Hanukkah knitting list. Thank god, my knitting friends and I decided to celebrate birthdays and the holidays in January. That took a load off, BUT, I can't let it wait until then or else I will find the rush following me into the new year! Thanksgiving is my weekend to sit and watch t.v. and knit, which I am doing both. BUT--I swear as soon as the weather channel tells me it is not raining, I am out there for a little walk at least. I will NOT let this take me down. I got too much to do!

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